ICTA Nomination: RSA Travel Insurance Champions Traveller Happiness

2015 ICTA Nomination.  

At RSA Travel Insurance, we are on a journey to champion traveller happiness. We share in the joy of travel and always take the traveller’s eye view. We know the trip, not just the traveller. We always have the traveller’s back, and we aspire for the industry. These are the commitments that drive our business.

It was these commitments that were at the forefront of the development of our new quote tool and customer-facing website, www.rsatravelinsurance.com – they were the foundation of determining the use of the site, the content mapping and creation, and design. The goal of the site was to not only make travel insurance easier to understand and purchase, but to also combine it with the joy and excitement that most often comes with planning a trip. This was determined when the planning and business requirements were decided upon in January 2014, which was followed by technical requirements in March, and finally deployment of the site on September 4.

The specific business use of the site is to educate travellers on and enable them to easily purchase travel insurance solutions. We sell through a range of distribution partners. The target audience is both travellers looking to purchase directly, as well as travellers seeking broker advice. The site allows them to purchase in the way that is most convenient to them. Our new quote tool has white label capabilities, which allows our top distribution partners to use this tool on their own digital properties. This not only increases revenue for both parties, but from a business use perspective it is also an attractive feature for potential future partners.

The site and quote tool were designed to guide travellers through our products, as well as purchase online – for their own convenience but also to alleviate the call volumes in our call centre. To enable this we completely redesigned the quote tool, to ensure it is easy to use and understand.

We designed the site with the same frame of convenience from the technological perspective as well. At RSA Travel Insurance, business is based on consumer and market insights, which revealed that people are looking for information on the go, mainly using mobile devices. The entire web site, including the quote tool, has been built to automatically adjust to whatever device the viewer is using, without the need to create a mobile site. This responsive design not only introduces ease into the research and purchasing process, but also takes into consideration the variety of devices people might be using if they need to access our site while travelling.

The site uses language and information that is geared towards ease in understanding insurance. It also supports travel planning beyond insurance, featuring a broad range of insurance and travel information, such as tips on destinations and packing. All of the content was created with Search Engine Optimization at the forefront. This is a process that occurred at the beginning of content mapping and throughout the writing process, telling us what information people are looking for and how to direct an increase of traffic to the site. We wanted www.rsatravelinsurance.com to stand apart from other travel insurance sites, and this is one of the ways we were able to distinguish and propel our content.

The positive results of SEO research have been seen in a short period of time. Within only months our content appears in the top spots of Google searches for a variety of travel insurance related topics, which is something that can otherwise take years to accomplish in such a competitive industry.

The site was built on a the open source Drupal CMS platform, which allows for quick and easy updates by business users – something that is vital for a site that is continuously generating new content. In addition, it allows for our development team to quickly implement and test new site capabilities.

The site reflects our reshaped approach to business – the traveller comes first and the information and language is simple and conversational. The use and decision to redesign the site were to mirror our reshaped approach and to enhance convenience for the customer as well as site maintenance. Through SEO and market research, we developed an understanding of what information is most important to travellers, and we can leverage this to increase traffic and sales.


RSA has seen significant improvements in the key metrics as a result of the development of the new quoting tool and customer-facing website.

About RSA Travel Insurance

RSA Travel Insurance is one of Canada’s leading providers of specialized travel and health insurance products and is part of one of the world’s leading multinational insurance groups, RSA Group. For more information, visit www.rsatravelinsurance.com.

SOURCE: RSA Travel Insurance