ICTA Nomination: IAAH Implements Modern Core Systems in Record Time

2015 ICTA Nomination.   Technology by EIS Group.

In May 2014, Industrial Alliance deployed, after only 2 years of team work, EIS Suite as the cornerstone of a technology transformation focused on quickly developing and introducing new products to its expanding distribution network and implementing multi-channel customer service. The company also wanted to simplify its operational processes and IT architecture and decrease operational costs. The existing OS 400 legacy system was not capable of supporting current and future business needs, such as a multi-channel customer experience.

We are seeing significant benefits in terms of product agility in a very competitive market, staff and agent productivity and effectiveness, and superior customer service. EIS Suite’s customer-centric design and the modern, highly-configurable and flexible architecture are key benefits. The workflow, work management and integrated nature of the end-to-end system deliver significant efficiency. The platform has already proven very resilient to taking software upgrades and great care was taken in the implementation to optimize it for self-sufficiency with an eye to lowering cost of ownership.

The new platform is currently in production for new business for nine auto and six home insurance products with migration of existing policies by November 2014.

The implementation team was always multi-disciplinary: developers, SMEs, BA’s and users. The team workers were also posted in multi-sites where the languages and jet lag became challenges: Russia, Lithuania, USA, China, Belorussia, Australia and Canada.

The new platform offers a few assets opening on new possibilities:

  • Adding and evolution of the integration with our business partners;
  • Pricing module, flexible, efficient that can support important load;
  • Availability of Web portal allowing customers to consult and edit their file;
  • Integration of a telematic solution.


  • Achieved time to market goals with two year implementation, a result never seen on the Canadian market for so many components deployed at the same time.
  • All IAAH users (approx. 350 people) went live the first day of the deployment producing thousands of quotes with no interruption in service levels or in response time for customers (and this during the busiest period of time for car and home insurance in Quebec – the month of May); partners also began using the systems via portal to make referrals. There were negligible bugs reported in the first week and first months.
  • 1.8 million account and customer records and 300k policy headers were migrated to the new system to allow for easy conversion of existing policy holders upon policy renewal. The conversion of the large number of customer records enables Industrial Alliance (IAAH) to effectively manage customer information and communications for both new and existing customers within one system using EIS Suite’s CustomerCore solution for customer relationship and communications management.
  • Much more easier to train agents on the new systems than on the legacy. We estimate that we are now saving 50% of the time spent in classroom to train our agents and that the learning curve is now 50% shorter.
  • The general comment of IAAH insurance agents and claim experts about how user-friendly the new system was.
  • Even if our agents were learning the new system, our Promoter Score increased to 62.4 in September 2014 (62 at the beginning of 2014).

About Industrial Alliance Auto and Home Insurance

IAAH Auto and Home Insurance, founded in May 1973, is a division of Insurance and Financial Services Inc., the fourth largest life and health insurance company in Canada. For more information, visit inalco.com.

Source: Industrial Alliance Auto and Home Insurance