Electric Vehicles, Insurance and Climate Change

TEI/IET Mobility Newsletter

Montreal, QC (Nov. 21, 2014) – Electric Mobility Canada (www.emcmec.ca) held its sixth annual conference and trade show, EV2014VÉ, in Vancouver. It marked the first year where Canada’s leading insurer was involved in an electrification of transportation industry event. Insurer representatives and brokers had the opportunity to see, touch, hear about and drive some of the latest plug-in models available in this country.

The insurance industry, more than most industries, is keenly aware of the impact of GHG emissions and climate change on their operations and the bottom line.

Read about the brokers’ comments from the “ride & drive” and more about the progress of EV in Canada – 2015 looks to be a bigger year yet.

Also mentioned in this issue are items about shared mobility, preference for transit over cars, to own or not to own, trends in European cities to lower congestion and CO2 emissions, goods delivery by drone and the race to open regulations to allow driverless vehicles.

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