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On Being Re-skinned: Welcome to The Intersection’s New Look

As you likely noticed (if you’ve come by this blog before), we’ve been re-skinned! It didn’t hurt too much, really, and we believe the updated look and feel, combined with new features, will make your experience with the Intersection more rewarding. We hope you’ll let us know.

How did this all start?

Back in October, 2010, we published our first blog post. We didn’t know whether there would be uptake, who might be interested, whether we could get other authors interested in publishing on it.

And we didn’t know how to integrate this with other parts of the site, how to get the search engines to find us, etc.

We just did it (nods to Nike). The several of the partners were used to the ready, fire, aim approach, as that was how got started in the first place.  Our managing director has gotten used to making sense out of these things as well.

And it has worked OK. We are grateful to all you who invest your time in stopping by, and in leaving comments.  We are also grateful for the 25 Contributors who share their wisdom with us through this space

So, What’s new?

Now, after 394 published posts (really!), we are introducing a new look with features we hope will help you use the blog, including:

  • Consistent look, feel and integration with
  • Use of snippets to allow easier viewing of recent posts
  • Ability to list posts by contributors, categories, tags
  • Ability to share to LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Easier to add comments
  • Ability subscribe via Email or RSS

We are grateful to Justin, Jason and all the talented folks at bv02 who helped us through the process.  They maintained a sense of proportion and humour when dealing with a less-than-consistent editor.

One thing hasn’t changed:  Our commitment to supply you with thought-provoking information and commentary on the use of technology in insurance with a strong Canadian focus.

What do you think?

We know you’re not shy, so let us know what you thing of the changes.  Do they help you?  Are there things we’ve missed?

Add your thoughts below.





Stephen Applebaum

Congratulations. I love the new look and features. To properly cover Innovation, you need to practice it – and you do, Now, about that strange spelling (he said humourously). Wishing you continued and growing success. BlogEditor

Not sure why you don’t favour our spelling. Is something colouring your views?
Nods and winks,

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