New online tool helps Canadian Snowbirds reduce travel insurance risk

Toronto, ON (Nov. 6, 2014) – Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers is offering Canadian snowbirds personalized travel insurance advice online.

Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers, an independent travel insurance brokerage, has launched an online tool that allows Canadian Snowbirds to track their medical history to reduce the risk of denied claims. The company has launched their My Medi-Quote application with the goal of allowing people to track changes to their medical history while getting expert advice on how those changes affect their travel insurance coverage.

Denied travel insurance claims have made headlines in recent years. Lori Yorke, a representative from Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers explained: “Many problems result from improperly filling out medical questionnaires. People may not remember a condition or misunderstand a question. Often they are seniors with complex medical conditions.”

Medi-Quote uses a screening process, where brokers try to understand a client’s medical history before recommending a plan.

“We have a good idea about how the questions should be answered, so when someone answers a question in a way we didn’t expect, we can follow up to see if the client understood the question, or to see if further consultation with their doctor is needed to make sure they are covered. It’s a way to double check that the policy is set up correctly, that adds real value to the process and ensures that surprises don’t happen later,” added Yorke.

Their online application at helps this process as it allows people to track information about their medical conditions year-round, so that when the time comes to purchase travel insurance, they won’t miss a thing. The site also allows users to request quotes, fill out online medical questionnaires as well as view current and past policy information.

About Medi-Quote

Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers have been providing Canadian Snowbirds with travel insurance since 1994. With offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Calgary, Alberta, the company is focused on providing the best customer service in the travel insurance industry from BC to Ontario, as well as Yukon, NWT, Nunavut and Nova Scotia.

Source: Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers