New SPLICE Mobile Leaderboard App Supercharges Employee Engagement with Enhanced Gamification Strategy

New security, interface and data visualization features allow businesses to optimize customer, employee experience

Toronto, ON (Oct. 11, 2014) – SPLICE Software, an industry leader in the customer experience sector, has released the latest version of the company’s Mobile Leaderboard, a gamification solution that helps businesses achieve higher levels of employee engagement through friendly competition between employees. An earlier version originally debuted at the LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco in February, where it received an enthusiastic reception. The new version enhances security, interface capabilities and data visualization.

“A little friendly competition can drive really big results,” explained Tara Kelly, CEO and President of SPLICE Software. “When you engage your employees with real-time visibility into who’s leading and who’s lagging, people up their game pretty fast! With more engaged employees, more customer data is collected and customer experiences are optimized.”

A system designed to augment SPLICE Software’s current solutions, Leaderboard is an app built to marry seamlessly with current opt-in capture systems provided by SPLICE or from other sources. In this way, Leaderboard is able to track in real time new opt-ins as well as updates to preexisting accounts.

“The real question isn’t if we need to engage our employees, but how,” continued Kelly. “The answer to that question? Make work part of the game! Motivate employees through friendly competition.”

Now, with 2014 coming to a close, Leaderboard has been enhanced with more effective security features, an intuitive interface and better data visualization. Linked to data collected by on-the-floor sales personnel, each Leaderboard system is tagged to a location. With real-time updates in progress, the user is able to track the performance of their brick-and-mortar location relative to other store locations both within and beyond their region. This tactic, known as gamification, drives employee engagement through a framework of friendly competition. Not only does it contribute to the corporate culture of each individual location, it also pushes each location to a higher tier of performance.

“The Leaderboard app is built to provide real-time opt-in stats and analytics meant to successfully gamify customer lead generation,” elaborates Andrew Hamill, Director of Technical Operations & Software Development. “The improvements made to Leaderboard over the last few months are reflective of the advances we have made in our own utilization of profile and preference data, with a special focus on connecting with any system through our open API.”

The SPLICE Application Programming Interface (API) automates human-system interaction, which makes Leaderboard simple to use. Effectively designed to unify the omni-channel nature of opt-in capture, users not only have the option to track individual channels but also the entire spectrum of opt-in analytics in a visually appealing, easy-to-understand display. Each of these channels can then be charted, allowing for comparative analysis in graphic form based on the selected locations and user preferences.

With gamification as a rising force, the growth of SPLICE Software’s Leaderboard app is timely, coinciding perfectly with this inward-facing trend in building employee engagement.

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