Canadian Teens Catch Distracted Drivers Red-Handed

Toronto, ON (Oct. 8, 2014) – High school students across Canada were out in force at busy intersections across Canada, working with Allstate Agents to catch distracted drivers. Over a one-hour period, students in 11 Canadian cities observed 11,801 morning commuters. During the event, 39 per cent of drivers observed were engaging in some form of distraction behind the wheel.

While distracted driving continues to be a hot topic with increased media attention and talk of stiffer distracted driving laws across the country, today’s tally reveals that Canadian drivers are struggling, or reluctant to give up their distractions. Allstate hopes this national tally event will demonstrate to students that distracted driving is still a problem.

“Through our annual Just Drive campaign initiatives, Allstate’s been working to shine a spotlight on the issue, and educate teens on how dangerous distracted driving behaviours are, and how prevalent they continue to be on our roads,” says Ryan Michel, Vice President for Allstate Canada. The tally event revealed some interesting data.

Results from driver tally

The most common distractions observed were as follows:

  • 8% – Eating or drinking;
  • 7% – Talking to a passenger;
  • 5% – Smoking;
  • 3% – Talking on a phone;
  • 3% – Texting;
  • 3% – Grooming;
  • 2% – Searching for an object in the car;
  • 1% – Using electronic device (GPS, video, gaming system, adjusting dials).

The most unusual distraction observed was a driver playing with their dog.

Toronto had the fewest number of distracted drivers with only 15 per cent of drivers observed driving distracted.

Edmonton was the community with the most distracted drivers, with 88 per cent of drivers seen driving with distractions.

Complete results from the distracted driving tally events can be found here.

Students from St. Basil the Great College School in Toronto count distracted drivers as part of the third annual Allstate Canada Just Drive Tally. (CNW Group/Allstate Insurance Company of Canada)

Students from St. Basil the Great College School in Toronto count distracted drivers as part of the third annual Allstate Canada Just Drive Tally. (CNW Group/Allstate Insurance Company of Canada)

Just Drive Canada contest is back

To give young Canadians a platform to speak out against distracted driving, Allstate Canada has just launched its third annual Just Drive Canada Contest. High school students across the country are invited to enter the contest by creating and uploading (to the website) a video, audio or image giving distracted drivers a piece of their mind.

Now that the contest is in high gear, students have until November 14, 2014 to submit their entry for a chance to win cash prizes for themselves and their schools. Between November 17 and December 5, 2014, all Canadians will be invited to vote for their favourite entries in all categories. Grand prize winners will be announced in January 2015.

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SOURCE: Allstate Insurance Company of Canada