Keal Technology and Opta Information Intelligence Deliver on Customer Real Time Platform with iClarify Residential

Toronto, ON (Sept. 29, 2014) – Keal Technology, experts in Canadian broker innovation, and Opta Information Intelligence (Opta), a leading provider of data management and risk information technology for insurance and corporate industries across Canada, are pleased to announce a partnership that brings a new integrated customer intelligence functionality in real time to the insurance broker community.

Keal will be integrating data supplied by Opta’s iClarify™ directly into the sigXP broker management system (BMS).This will allow the broker to have access to pre-populated fields in sigXP, including pictures of a location making it easier to create new home and business policies. This changes the discussion between broker and insured. Instead of asking questions to gather information, the broker will be in a position to validate information and counsel his prospect or insured. This will result in marked increases in efficiency, reduced E&O exposure and better service all around.

The partnership between Keal and Opta delivers superior productivity, sustainable competitive advantage, and improved ease of doing business. Keal has been working diligently with its users and partners to streamline processes for the end goal of starting and ending in the BMS for all Keal brokers. This is a significant step in the process which will give brokers the information needed directly at their fingertips and make it easier to run their business with increased user satisfaction on both the BMS and insured side.

“We are excited to extend our iClarify™ services platform in an integrated manner to all Keal users,” said Greg McCutcheon, President of Opta. “Keal Technology and Opta share the vision of streamlining process and driving efficiency. iClarify™ delivers accuracy and significant reduction in time to perform a property valuation calculations at point of sale for our users.”

“Anytime we can reduce the time to input customer informationand access to the right information in real time directly in the BMS, we are making progress” said Pat Durepos, President of Keal Technology. “This integration will allow our brokers to shorten the information gathering time with the customer and allow them to use that time savings to ensure they are playing their role as a trusted advisor giving the best possible experience. I see that as a win for both brokers and their customers.”

This integration will be available to Keal brokers in Q1 of 2015.

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SOURCE: Keal Technology