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Montreal, QC (Sept. 23, 2014) – At the Automated Vehicles Symposium held in San Francisco, Ralf Herrtwich of Daimler referred to the names of well-known carriage (as in “horse and carriage”) manufacturers that went out of business as the automobile industry grew around them. Daimler seems to have accepted the challenge to evolve as the world around it changes:

  • Sharing economy: has vertically integrated forward into the car sharing space with Car2Go.
  • Driverless: The Mercedes S-class is one of the most advanced autonomous drive systems available on the market.
  • Taxis: acquired mytaxi, an intelligent app connecting taxi users and taxi drivers.
  • Mobility options: acquired RideScout, an app which compares ground transportation options on demand.

Daimler is actively transforming from an auto manufacturer to a mobility services company.

Also in the news: California issues first AV test vehicle permits, a public hearing on autonomous vehicle insurance issues, ride-sharing, incentives for electric cars and Uber – now into on-call delivery and ride pooling.

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