Comparing the Social and Online Presence of U.S. Auto Insurers – A Report by Aite Group

Toronto, ON (June 27, 2014) – Ever wonder how your digital presence in the consumer space measures up? Come to think of it, what things would you even look at to do such an evaluation?

In this analysis of the top 20 U.S. auto insurers, Aite group establishes an evaluation framework which it uses across their websites, mobile capabilities, and social media activity. The specific criteria cover the end-user functionality of each channel.

By evaluating where each of the insurers is delivering a positive experience to consumers and where they can improve, the report offers a general understanding of how any insurance company can improve its digital presence.

The top five U.S. automobile insurance companies by market share all have websites, mobile sites, and social media sites that are regularly updated, modern, and easy to navigate. Most functions, such as requesting a quote or making a payment, can be achieved via the website, mobile site, or mobile app, and often through multiple channels.

Farther down the list of top companies, fewer show involvement in social media activity, and some even lack accounts on major social networking sites. Compared to the digital presence and customer experience of other leading industries such as retail e-commerce, all auto insurers in this group have work to do.

For example, social media should be used to generate leads for insurers’ websites by allowing users to receive a quote or contact an agent via links, according to Aite Group. Additionally, social media can be used to improve communication channels for customer service.

“It is important to make it easy for consumers to interact with their insurer after a transaction,” says Lindsey O’Connell, research associate in Insurance at Aite Group. “Consumers should be able to refer a friend or make a recommendation via social media from the insurer’s website, mobile site, and mobile application. There is also an increasing need for insurers to engage young clients in their brand with low-cost products, such as on-the-go insurance for purchase via mobile devices.”

For a deeper summary of the report, see U.S. Auto Insurers’ Digital Presence: Take a Look at Yourselfie. The 22-page Impact Report is available from Aite Group.

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