The Bottom Line Dilemma

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Montreal, QC (June 13, 2014) – We have often wondered about the decision by an automaker – or manufacturer of any good for that matter – to recall a product. Where in the ethics of business – the cauldron of decision-making – are the various considerations brought together? With data around costs, risk of injury or even death, customer and market perception, investor confidence and more, who stirs the mix and how is the decision made?

This issue of the Future Mobility newsletter explores these issues, leading to the point that electric vehicles will be safer – presumably at least in part because of reduced pollution – and that shared vehicles will be a preferred mode of transportation over driver-owned vehicles. But the question emerges as to the pace of change from today to tomorrow, and whether vested interests are slowing the progress – and if so, at what expense to safety?

The news snippets include reference to privacy and black box recorders, UK investment in better transportation, reducing traffic congestion, self-driving trucks in the Netherlands, global car-sharing and more.

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