SecuriGlobe joins La Capitale

Montreal, QC (June 11, 2014) – SecuriGlobe, one of the leading travel insurance distributors in Canada for the last 15 years, joins La Capitale following the completion of a transaction on June 6 whereby all of its Canadian activities are transferred to La Capitale.

For SecuriGlobe, the move to La Capitale is a positive one.

“This is a strategic step for us, as it will enable us to continue growing at a fast pace and reaffirm our position as a leading travel protection distributor,” said SecuriGlobe President, Mathieu Laplante. “To expand our operations, we wanted to gain access to a wide distribution network like the one available at La Capitale, a company that has enjoyed remarkable growth in recent years.”

“Our common business vision allows SecuriGlobe to look forward to accelerated business growth,” added Mr. Laplante, who will remain the company president following the transaction. SecuriGlobe will also continue to operate under the same name, to build on its solid reputation among Canadian travellers and business partners.

This financial partnership will enable La Capitale to increase its presence in the travel insurance industry, one that has experienced strong growth in the last 10 years. It also allows La Capitale to further diversify its product offering, in accordance with its business model and strategic objective to position the company as one of Canada’s leading insurance providers.

“Including La Capitale’s travel insurance products with those of SecuriGlobe allows us to enter into the market more quickly as a product manufacturer. It also enables us to better serve our mutualists and clients by providing them with a wider range of coverages to meet their needs,” said Steven Ross, President and Chief Operating Officer of La Capitale’s Life and Health Insurance and Financial Services sector. “Our activities will not alter in any way SecuriGlobe’s business model and administrative structure,” he added.

About La Capitale Financial Group

La Capitale Financial Group has a strong presence across Quebec and throughout Canada. With over 3,200 employees and partners and guided by the values of mutualism on which it was founded, La Capitale works with clients to build, protect and value what they feel counts for their financial security. It offers insurance products and financial services to the general public as well as to Quebec public administration employees. With assets of $4.9 billion, La Capitale occupies a choice position among leading insurers in Canada.

About SecuriGlobe

Founded in 1999, SecuriGlobe is one of the largest travel protection and health insurance distributors in Canada. SecuriGlobe relies on a network of more than 2,000 active partners across Canada and represents over 14 different insurance carriers.

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