IMS Opens DriveSync Platform for Next Generation of Connected Car Services

IMS provides a solution addressing the fragmented connected car ecosystem with an open cloud based platform to improve driver experiences

Detroit, MI (June 5, 2014) – Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc., a connected car company, has unveiled the next generation of the DriveSync® connected car platform, which now enables partners to develop value-added solutions within the newly opened cloud based architecture.

“Building a connected car platform and readying it for the future requires building an open system that can address the changing needs of drivers,” said Jamie Bisker, Senior Analyst at Aite Group. “Advanced telematics solution providers are dealing with complex requirements, and need flexible solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into their existing systems.”

By unlocking the DriveSync platform to accept a diverse range of automotive ecosystem partners, any vehicle built after 1996 with an OBD-II port can immediately receive connected car services using IMS’ plug-and-play technology through the DriveSync platform.

“Telematics Detroit consistently demonstrates to the world how telematics technology is redefining driver experiences,” said Christopher Dell, Director of Product Management. “IMS is pleased to be a part of the shift to driver-centric automotive experiences by expanding our partner ecosystem.”

Next Generation of DriveSync Connected Car Services

Examples of services and capabilities the DriveSync open platform now enables partners to tap into, include:

  • Roadside Assistance: DriveSync technology seamlessly connects to third party roadside assistance providers to communicate vehicle location, the last known vehicle direction and key vehicle health data (including status of charging and cooling systems, fuel levels and active diagnostic trouble codes).
  • Claims Management: The DriveSync platform can integrate into third party claims management systems to provide the estimated severity of an accident, the point of impact on the vehicle and the location of the vehicle post-accident to facilitate faster and more efficient claims processing.
  • Incident Detection: Push notifications of suspected incidents to fleet managers, roadside assistance providers, insurance carriers and to external systems are now offered within the DriveSync platform. Upon confirmation, incident detection enables faster notifications to insurance carriers, which helps facilitate replacement vehicle information or towing services. For fleet managers, incident alerts can be used to trigger the dispatch of an alternate vehicle to ensure minimal disruption to overall fleet operations.
  • Flexible Vehicle Options: The platform now supports heavy vehicles through the J1939 interface, as well as current OBD-II and professional installation options, providing the DriveSync platform with the widest range of in-vehicle options for telematics programs.


Early adopter programs have already been underway. Interested automotive ecosystem partners can take advantage of IMS’ DriveSync connected car platform starting today, by selecting from a broad range of open data services.

IMS Demos at Telematics Detroit

This week, IMS will demonstrate enhancements made to telematics and infotainment products, including the suite of offerings for: usage-based insurance (personal and commercial lines), fleet management and young drivers. IMS will also showcase the in-car experience of drivers connected to the DriveSync cloud. A telematics gaming simulator equipped with telematics devices will also be available to replicate in-car telematics technology measuring driver behavior, including scoring and incident detection.

About Intelligent Mechatronic Systems

IMS is a leader in connected car technology that enables drivers to be safer, smarter and greener. The unique approach of converging in-car infotainment, automotive telematics and wireless technology has resulted in an impressive range of solutions. From insurance and government, to fleets and everyday drivers, IMS technology revolutionizes industries. For more information, visit

Source: Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc.