Opta Information Intelligence launches an integrated commercial replacement cost valuator

Toronto, ON (June 2, 2014) – As the next step in the evolution of iClarify Commercial™ services, Opta Information Intelligence is pleased to announce the integration of a commercial cost valuator within iClarify™. The latest iteration provides accurate re-construction cost values for the functional replacement of commercial properties across Canada.

iClarify Commercial™ is the only web service solution that provides access to an unprecedented level of property specific data, all accessed within seconds and populated into a sophisticated professional report. Brokers, underwriters, and insurers are provided the knowledge they need to assess risk with confidence and more intelligently target new business via access to the largest database of construction, occupancy, fire protection, claims history, geocoded streetscape imagery, environmental exposure, and now valuation data in Canada.

“iClarify Commercial™ maintains wide-ranging property detail on over 1.3 million properties in Canada, and is the largest source of aggregated data in our country,” states Greg McCutcheon, President of Opta Information Intelligence. “The addition of our replacement cost valuator provides a turn-key underwriting solution for our broker and underwriting partners.”

iClarify Commercial™ empowers its users to validate commercial property data instantly, accurately, and more efficiently, taking their business to the next level of innovation in commercial property assessment and quoting.

About Opta Information Intelligence

Opta Information Intelligence provides Canada’s insurance and corporate industries with tools to manage and authenticate risk information, in turn helping them become more competitive, generate business, and gain the insight required to make profitable business decisions. Visit www.optaintel.ca to learn more.

Source: Opta Information Intelligence