Introducing The Transportation Evolution Institute

MARCON Mobility Newsletter

Montreal, QC (June 2, 2014) – In order to better understand new technologies, to better assess their potential impact on all natures of transportation and to better strategize their optimal deployment, the Transportation Evolution Institute – in French Institut de l’évolution du transport – has been organized and is introduced in this issue. An interesting approach with partners and projects, TEIET is another clear sign that mobility revolution, already underway, is bringing immense changes to society.

The Google “Bug” has taken the ongoing and continually growing discussion around the self-driving car to a new level. Everyone has been working within the classical paradigm of a vehicle design which allowed for driver control some if not all of the time. The new Google prototype breaks the mold by eliminating even the possibility – it has no steering wheel, no accelerator, and no brake pedal.

Check the news shorts, from Amazon’s robots to driverless trucks solving driver shortages, from a projected $87 Billion driverless industry in 2030 to driverless car licences in California by year’s end.

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