From Drones to Moon-Mining

MARCON Mobility Newsletter

Montreal, QC (May 20, 2014) – The progress of the driverless car has certainly caught the attention of the popular press, but the promise of the delivery drone seems to have outdone the car in recent weeks. Not so obvious are the myriad developments going on around us, many of them in parallel with these more visible engineering feats. And the spotlight is turning outward, to the final frontier: space. How far off are moon mining and asteroid capture?

The promise of rare elements and valuable minerals – from platinum to the Helium-3 isotope – is helping to fuel developments that involve automation in outer-space transportation. The latest issue of the MARCON Future Mobility newsletter describes the new space race in more detail. Some of the developments are being led by Canadians, and where there is an economic venture, insurance is sure to follow.

Other items include driverless trains operating today and next-decade air travel that utilizes geese-like formations for planes.

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