CAA-Quebec introduces an additional road safety resource for seniors

Quebec City, QC (May 7, 2014) – Few people are aware that the average 60-year-old needs three times as much light to see as clearly as he or she did at age 20. And by age 75, that same person’s field of vision will even be reduced to two-thirds of what it originally was. These are just two of the many facts that seniors and their family members will learn on the new Web portal being launched for the public by CAA-Quebec.

Besides providing demonstrations of the physical changes that occur as we get older, the various tools and videos available on the portal can help seniors stay safe on the road and, if need be, adjust some of their driving habits.

Driving safely for as long as possible

Created by the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), the new portal clearly reflects CAA-Quebec’s position: the organization seeks to support seniors by helping them maintain safe driving skills for as long as possible. “The number of older drivers in Quebec has been increasing in recent decades, and the trend is going to continue in the coming years, so this is obviously a subject that directly affects a large part of the population,” explains Yvon Lapointe, Director of the CAA-Quebec Foundation. “We believe this site is a great addition to the range of tools available to help large numbers of people be mindful and well informed about the risks associated with aging and driving.”

There’s no age limit to being a good driver

CAA-Quebec believes that to ensure the safety of all road users, it’s important to raise awareness among families and motorists of the changes that occur with age that have an impact on driving. Examples of tools that seniors and their loved ones will find on the portal include:

  • A questionnaire for assessing driving skills and areas for improvement;
  • Graphs illustrating some of the physical changes that affect driving ability;
  • Techniques for safely executing important manoeuvres, like changing lanes, making a left turn across oncoming traffic or merging with highway traffic;
  • Common signs to watch for that indicate driving skills are declining;
  • Tips on how family members can help;
  • Expert advice from the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Association for Occupational Therapists.

The CAA-Quebec Foundation: driving awareness!

The CAA-Quebec Foundation has a particular interest in safety and mobility for seniors, and offers a free conference to companies and organizations. Titled La bonne conduite n’a pas d’âge (“There’s no age limit to being a good driver”), it is specially designed for seniors and their family members, and features many of the same topics covered on the portal, including tips and reminders on how to manage challenging driving conditions. A key aspect of the CAA-Quebec Foundation’s mission is to advance research and raise public awareness of the fundamental issues of traffic safety.

Acess the Seniors Driving Portal

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About CAA-Québec

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