Travel App: A Traveller’s Handy Information Tool-Kit

Toronto, ON (Apr. 14, 2014) – Information available to you just when you need it is something we all seek. Computers somewhere store pretty much all the information that there is; the Internet gives us access to much of it. Mobile devices – tablets, smart phones, etc. – allow us to access it from most anywhere. A traveller, moving from place to place, has constantly changing needs for information about the place they are in, or are travelling to. Enter the travel app, a handy little tool-kit or library for the traveller with the need to know.

But travellers need more than just details about places they are visiting. For medical purposes, reference information about when medications such as anti-malarial drugs are recommended and what vaccinations should be taken before travel, even articles about managing your health and health risk can help pre-trip planning.

Once on a trip, in case of a medical emergency, access to information about local health care providers and/or search tools to help locate them, is a real boon. Reference information about medications can also prove helpful.

Before departure and while travelling, managing your safety wisely can help avoid bad situations. Up to the minute information on travel advisories and arising security situations can help avoid unpleasant surprises.

With most travel insurance comes access to assistance, be it for medical, emergency, security or travel aid. But where do you find it and how in a foreign location which speaks in a different language. Once again the travel app can come to the rescue.

An example of such a travel app is the Travel Navigator™ from Intrepid 24/7, an Ingle International company. It runs on the common mobile device platforms and supports the functions noted above and more. It was recently the winner of an Technology Award.

Tucked in your pocket or carried in your handbag, a mobile device with a travel app can be a great addition to your travel package – don’t leave home without it.