Mobility Trends and Auto Insurance

MARCON Mobility Newsletter

Montreal, QC (Mar. 31, 2014) – One of many trends that computing and communications technologies are facilitating is the rise of car-sharing. In the streets of Toronto we see AutoShare, ZIP Cars and Cars2Go, but there may well be more that that. As their numbers seem to be increasing, the concept must be catching on.

At first blush that seems to be goodness – more cars equals more insurance. All is rosy for the auto insurance industry. But look a little deeper as MARCON has done in this issue:

  • Car sharing means fewer, not more, cars to insure.
  • In Europe, businesses are starting to encourage use of general mobility rather than personal auto means for employees to get around.
  • Shared cars are often (perhaps usually) owned by bigger businesses, often by the auto manufacturers themselves.
  • As fleets these will be often be insured by large commercial policies; this business will move from personal lines to commercial.

Note some of the other trends and goings-on: driverless cars, big data and privacy; revisions to insurance will be required; Google’s same-day delivery service; Ontario striving to stake some leadership ground; driverless cargo ships, and more.

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