SGI Canada strengthens focus on growth opportunities

Toronto, ON (Mar. 29, 2014) – SGI CANADA is realigning its business strategy in an effort to more quickly achieve its
targets for geographic diversification of risk. For two decades, SGI CANADA has been
building its book of business outside of Saskatchewan to achieve this goal. Geographic
diversification is important for insurance companies, as it allows them to offset losses
due to extreme weather events in one region with profits from other regions.

As part of the strategy to accelerate geographic diversification, SGI CANADA has
entered into an agreement to sell its shares in the Insurance Company of Prince
Edward Island (ICPEI) to EGI Financial Holdings Inc. (EGI) at book value,
estimated to be $10 million, and an additional $3.5 million to license the use of SGI’s
computer systems. The transaction is expected to close this summer. SGI CANADA will
be working closely with EGI to ensure a smooth transition for ICPEI’s policyholders,
brokers and employees.

SGI CANADA plans to redirect resources to strengthen focus on Ontario and Western
Canada. It has recently applied for a licence to compete in B.C.’s property and casualty
market as part of that strategy.

“Like any insurer in today’s evolving business climate, SGI CANADA continuously
evaluates its market position,” said Andrew Cartmell, SGI CANADA President and CEO.
“The opportunity to divest ourselves of ICPEI arrived at the right time. British Columbia
is a region with strong growth potential that also fits with SGI CANADA’s plans to build
expertise in providing insurance to Western Canadian industries such as mining and oil
and gas, so moving further west is a natural fit.”

SGI CANADA employees supporting ICPEI business are located at SGI CANADA’s
head office in Regina. None of these employees will lose their jobs or have to relocate
as a result of the sale of ICPEI. Instead, their job duties will change to support growth in
other markets, whether that be in B.C. or the other regions in which SGI CANADA
currently operates, namely Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario.

“Our plans to exit the Maritimes and move into B.C. will allow us to achieve geographic
diversification targets faster, spreading risk more effectively and helping ensure financial
stability for the company and, ultimately, providing enhanced security for customers in
all regions,” said Cartmell.

SGI CANADA purchased 75 per cent of ICPEI’s shares in 2001. SGI plans to retain its
operations in all other jurisdictions.


SGI CANADA sells property and casualty insurance in four provinces. It operates as
SGI CANADA in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba, and Coachman Insurance
Company in Ontario. It sells its products exclusively through independent insurance
brokers in all jurisdictions. Visit SGI CANADA at

About EGI

Founded in 1997, EGI (TSX: EFH) operates in the property and casualty insurance industry in
Canada and Europe, primarily focusing on non-standard automobile insurance and
other specialty P&C insurance products. It operates in Canada as Echelon Insurance.
EGI’s common shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol
EFH. More information on EGI can be found at


The Insurance Company of Prince Edward Island is the largest Maritime province based
insurer in Canada that provides automobile, home and commercial insurance through a
network of independent insurance brokers. It was founded in 1987 and, in 2013, wrote
$26 million of premiums. With its head office in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, it
also operates in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Cooke Holdings Inc., a minority
shareholder of ICPEI since its founding in 1987, remains a 25 per cent owner of ICPEI.
For more information, see