The Electric Car and Energy Storage

MARCON Mobility Newsletter

Montreal, QC (Mar. 21, 2014) – Electric cars have been available for many years. Emergency services, insurance underwriting and claims have dealt with most of the issues. So why have electric cars not become more ubiquitous?

The lead article in this issue posits some reasons, noting that potential customers indicate “range anxiety” is the foremost one. Read about the drive by Tesla to address some of these issues by building a “Giga factory” to manufacture batteries. Turns out batteries could do more than just get a vehicle from here to there.

In other news items referenced:

  • Take a peek at the interior of a driverless vehicle;
  • Accident law and the implications driverless vehicles bring;
  • The challenges of insurance and the new mobility models being deployed;
  • A short video about Renault’s approach to mobility in a city setting.

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