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ICTA2014: And the Winners Are … Portals? (Not)

ICTA-121x57When the votes were all cast, the winners of this year’s Technology Awards (ICTAs) have one factor in common:  All of the winners implemented portals.  Does that make this the Year of the Portal?  Not in our mind.  We’d like your thoughts.

First, who are the Winners, and what about portals…

At a ceremony earlier today at the 2014 Technology Conference, the awards were presented.

In the Supplier category, Intrepid 24/7, an Ingle International Company took the winner’s plaque.  Using internal resources, Intrepid 24/7 developed TravelNavigator ™,  technology that works with mobile as well as standard Web devices, to provide worldwide worldwide medical, security, and travel assistance to individuals and groups.

Ives Insurance Brokers Ltd, took the top prize in the Distributor category with the successful implementation of a consumer portal , allowing consumers secure 24/7 access to information in the broker’s management system and, via CSIO standard transactions,  from insurers’ systems.  Keal Technology and Quindell were recognized as Ives’ partners in the implementation.

In the Insurer category, Travelers Canada won for its implementation of E-CLIPS, an on-line commercial insurance processing environment with quote, bind, and issue capabilities, including a point-of-sale mobile facility.  OneShield was recognized for its supporting role as a technology partner.

So If you want to be a winner, you need a portal, right?  Before we answer, let us introduce you to the jury.

The Jury Made the Tough Calls ..

All of our jurors acknowledged that the these winners were deserving, but the nominees and finalists were seconds not minutes behind.  These hardworking professionals are:

Debra Ambrose, Aviva
Mark Breading, SMA
Mike Fitzgerald, Celent
Greg Maciag, ACORD
Jim McGregor, Precept
Rick Orr, IBAO
Colin Smith, Opta
Catherine Smola, CSIO

One question: Do these folks look like they’re easily seduced by technology?

So what’s with  portals?

While it’s true that  all the winners used portals as part of the solution, that was but a component.  All of the winners had complex internal and external integration tasks, each of them had specific internal goals.  And, most significantly we believe, each of the winners had a clear picture of how the solution would provide a high level of service to the end consumer.

Of course, Ives had the most direct link to the consumer.  But both Intrepid24/7 and Travelers Canada were looking to meeting the new expectations of consumers.  As it happens, we are all getting to expect portals as part of that service mix.

The purpose of the ICTAs is …

… “To celebrate organizations in the Canadian Property and Casualty Insurance industry whose implementation and use of technology shows a significant impact on a process or group of processes used in the sale, processing and servicing of insurance in Canada.

We think the winners hit this mark, in the dead centre of the the portal.

As usual, we’d like to know what you think.

Regardless, though, please join us in thanking the jury, celebrating all who were nominated, the finalists and the winners.