Government of Ontario indicates interest in autonomous vehicles

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Montreal, QC (Feb. 7, 2014) – The Ontario Government recently announced an interest in driverless cars and staked out a “leadership” position in Canada. The intent of the announcement seemed to be to develop a framework for studying what this might mean for the rules and regulations of such vehicles in that province.

In this week’s Mobility newsletter, Catherine Kargas posits that as the auto manufacturing leader in Canada, Ontario is only sticking a toe quite gingerly into the waters, especially compared to other jurisdictions in the U.S., notably Michigan, a leading American manufacturer of autos.

These are indeed very “innovative” times. Read MARCON’s perspective on Canadian leadership in this space, and check out items on V2V communications (US), the “Seismic Impact” of driverless on insurers (UK), Car sharing and auto sales (US) and Insurance and ride or car sharing (US).

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