Digital Marketers in Canada Focus on Increasing Sales, Lead Gen

Social media cited as most important digital marketing activity

(Feb. 6, 2014) – Digital marketers in Canada have set increasing sales and lead generation as their number-one goal for their efforts this year, according to research from Ignite Digital.

The digital agency, which surveyed marketers in Canada in January 2014, found that nearly three-quarters reported increased sales was a digital marketing goal for the year. Almost two-thirds wanted to beef up brand awareness.

The polling suggested social media would be key to these efforts—or at least that marketers believed it would be. Almost one in five selected social media engagement as the most important specific digital marketing activity this year, followed closely by content marketing.

Digital marketing activities that will be most important to marketers in Canada in 2014

Social engagement is already the most common digital marketing activity conducted, according to the survey, which found 76.7% of respondents doing this. Nearly as many worked on website development, while email marketing was also conducted by more than seven in 10.

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