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Brave New Brokers in The Changing Reality

People ask me why I am so passionate an advocate for ORBiT. Simple: ORBiT members, me included, believe there is no “one” right technology solution for our industry, but there is just one best practice workflow that starts at the broker’s fingertips. Assuming that is in place, there are many options for technology solutions to accomplish and work to that workflow.

And it is this diversity that makes our industry so exciting. A problem or issue arises, and there are multiple approaches to resolve it. Hence my passion.

This is the premise of the panel on The Changing Reality that ORBiT is sponsoring at the Technology Conference 2014 March17-18, 2014 at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto. We know that our industry is at a crossroads; consumers are demanding we do business differently and we simply don’t have experience being light on our feet to adapt or change quickly. Our businesses and in fact, our industry have traditionally been very slow to evolve.

Some brokerage principals are acting differently than the masses. They are learning how to be light on their feet; they are reinventing how to do business; they are learning how to see themselves differently; they are learning what it takes to be a leader in this changing reality. This is what we are going to share with you at the #ICTC2014 .

These are people I consider brave. They are walking a new path, investing differently in their future, thinking differently about the consumer, and they are prepared to take risks they would not have even considered a few short years ago.

ORBiT exists to drive efficiencies in our industry to improve customer satisfaction. The panelists get it and are working to the same end. What is exciting is that they have each chosen a different way to accomplish their goals. They got here by thinking outside the box to come up with diverse solutions.

If you want to be inspired to start making changes in how you do business, then you need to attend this panel discussion on March 18th at the #ICTC2014.

 Editor’s note:  Wendy Watson is President and Executive Director of ORBiT Canada. ORBiT Canada is a national, not-for-profit organization of insurance brokers, insurance carriers and technology providers dedicated to the advancement of Real Time transactions in the Canadian broker distribution channel.