Semi-Autonomous Vehicles and Safe Driving

MARCON Mobility Newsletter

Montreal, QC (Jan. 27, 2014) – Anyone following even from a distance the progress of the “driverless,” “autonomous,” or “self-driving” car (or “SDC”) will be aware that there are four levels of autonomy. Only the fourth one is truly independent. Low levels of autonomy are already in today’s vehicles with a number of features which help drivers, typically by warning them and possibly taking action if necessary to prevent or avoid a problem.

In parallel, drivers have been inundated with in-car devices and technology which can contribute to not-so-safe driving. The most obvious of these are cell phone usage, with regulations most everywhere aimed at restricting their usage, because drivers using cell-phones are by definition distracted, and therefore less safe.

The third level of autonomy in SDC’s allows the vehicle to drive itself, but requires the driver to take over whenever anything untoward may happen. Can a driver who is lkely doing something else (even if just out of boredom) possibly be sufficiently attentive to effectively take over in such situations.

Read this article for more in-depth details on distracted driving, on the issue of level three autonomy and a summary news items in the mobility field.

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