Equifax Canada and Environics Analytics partner to enhance the power of data-driven marketers

Toronto, ON (Jan. 10, 2014) – Equifax Canada, a leading provider of consumer and commercial information solutions, has announced a partnership with Environics Analytics, the premier marketing services and data analytics company in Canada, to deliver more robust solutions for direct marketing and customer acquisition. Through this partnership, Equifax and Environics Analytics will be able to better equip data-driven marketers to sell the right products and services to targeted segments based on consumer behaviour.

Equifax’s privacy-compliant, aggregated credit data on Canadians, currently offered as Neighbourhood View™, will be used to enhance several of Environics Analytics’ marketing solutions and will also be delivered as a module through ENVISION, Environics Analytics’ research-driven, online micromarketing tool. This platform facilitates a broad range of marketing applications, making Equifax data available for segmentation, market analysis, customer insights and media planning. In addition, Environics Analytics will also embed Equifax data in two of its popular products: PRIZMC2, Canada’s leading consumer segmentation system, and WealthScapes, the most comprehensive dataset on the assets, liabilities and wealth of Canadians.

“We’re excited about enhancing our marketing analytics offering via our partnership with Environics Analytics,” commented Tara Zecevic, Equifax’s vice-president of technology and analytical services. “Environics Analytics’ critical mass of proprietary data coupled with Equifax’s aggregated consumer credit data will provide our clients with a multidimensional view of customers required by marketers in a format that is compliant with Canadian Privacy Laws. Our joint offering will also provide a best-in-class software-as-a-service platform that enables easy access and use of data and analytics with outputs that drive decision insights.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to work closely with one of the world’s great information companies,” said Jan Kestle, president and founder of Environics Analytics. “This partnership will help marketers better understand their customers and communicate with them in ways that reflect their target audience’s preferences and lifestyles. And we look forward to working together to develop additional products that will help marketers better connect with their customers.”

About Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics is the premier marketing services and data analytics company in Canada. Specializing in segmentation, site modeling and custom analytics, the Toronto-based company provides data-driven market insights to help its clients grow their business. Its team of veteran modelers and geographic experts are industry leaders in sales forecasting, developing demographic and spending projections, and site location modeling. And it’s a member of the Environics group of companies that offer research, communications and digital services. To learn more about Environics Analytics, please visit www.environicsanalytics.ca.

About Equifax

Equifax is a global leader in consumer, commercial and workforce information solutions that provide businesses of all sizes and consumers with insight and information they can trust. Equifax organizes and assimilates data on more than 500 million consumers and 81 million businesses worldwide, and uses advanced analytics and proprietary technology to create and deliver customized insights that enrich both the performance of businesses and the lives of consumers.

SOURCE: Equifax Canada