Protect your Car from Christmas Scrooge, warns IBAO

Toronto, ON (Dec. 16, 2013) – As we head into the week before Christmas, shopping season is in full swing. The Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) would like to provide Ontarians with some basic tips on how to protect the valuables in their cars as they shop and travel this holiday season.

�Guarding your possessions is important at any time,� said IBAO CEO Randy Carroll. �While people lock their doors and close their blinds when they leave the house, they can sometimes become careless when leaving items in their vehicles.�

Christmas is a particularly vulnerable time as criminals target unsuspecting shoppers. Thieves will loiter around malls and parking lots looking for shoppers who have placed purchases in their vehicles and then return into the mall for additional shopping.

The following are some simple tips to protect your possessions:

  • Lock your vehicle at all times;
  • Keep items out of sight and in the trunk and under your privacy shield if possible;
  • Cover up items that can be seen inside;
  • If you load your car and have more shopping to do, move your car to a different location in the lot;
  • Purchases from high value stores (jewelry, electronics) are most desirable therefore consider re-bagging them if possible;
  • Always park in a well-lit area;
  • Ask mall security to walk you to your car with your purchases.

If your vehicle is broken into and items are stolen, you will need to file a claim immediately. Your auto policy will cover damages to your car however the items inside your car may affect your home insurance policy. Contact your broker right away for coverage details.

�Christmas is also a good time to get in touch with your broker to update your policies should you receive high valued gifts during the holidays. It�s important you update your broker when new items are added to your home that have a higher worth,� concluded Carroll.

About IBAO

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SOURCE: Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario