InEdge Introduces Iterative-Incremental Implementation Approach to Maximize the Value of Insurance Analytics

Toronto, ON (Nov. 29, 2013) – Recognizing the challenges facing insurers undertaking Analytics initiatives, InEdge, the Insurance Analytics specialist, is proposing the Iterative-Incremental Approach to deliver on the expectations of Insurance Analytics projects, thus ensuring that needs and requirements are fulfilled with a laser focus on providing business value at each step.

Traditional approaches to Analytics projects take too long and fail to deliver adequate ROI. Older Waterfall methods are ineffective at supporting on-going change, a crucial factor in today’s rapidly changing and uncertain environment. More recent approaches such as pure Agile methodologies prove to be extremely difficult to implement due to the inherent nature of Analytics projects. In contrast, the Iterative-Incremental approach is less disruptive, yields results quickly, while ensuring reaction to change is swift, direct, and effective. The Iterative-Incremental approach delivers value in short increments and is flexible enough to adapt to the insurer’s changing priorities. It delivers business value at each iteration and is field proven for the Insurance Industry.

The Iterative-Incremental approach has two important characteristics. First, its aim is to break down the larger problems such as an Analytics implementation project into manageable chunks, or iterations, to be solved in a specific time period. Second, each iteration aims at delivering a specific subset of the most valued features, according to the client, to provide added business value in the time frame of each of these iterations.

To avoid the pitfalls of the traditional methodologies such as “Waterfall” or more “Agile” approaches, read the following whitepaper and adopt the Iterative-Incremental Approach as the proven methodology for maximizing value in Insurance Analytics projects. It is a field-tested roadmap for success.

For further details, read the full white paper: An Iterative-Incremental Approach to Insurance Analytics.

About InEdge

InEdge is a consultancy specialized in Business Intelligence and Analytics for the insurance industry. Expert at quickly leveraging data, InEdge seamlessly and powerfully creates business advantage for its clients. InEdge is headquartered in Montreal and has offices in New York and Toronto. Visit for more information.

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