Environics Analytics and DMTI Spatial announce joint resellers agreement

Providing access to integrated, comprehensive location and demographic intelligence to better serve both companies’ customers

Toronto, ON (Nov. 11, 2013) – DMTI Spatial Inc., Canada’s leading provider of location
intelligence solutions, and Environics Analytics, the premier marketing and analytics company, have announced
an agreement to resell each other’s products and services. The alliance brings together two marketing industry leaders
to provide customers with the most comprehensive location and demographic intelligence information about households
anywhere in Canada. This agreement will aid businesses in streamlining their access to important data that will help to
increase their efficiency and success rates in their sales and marketing activities.

The agreement enables DMTI customers to access data from EA’s authoritative datasets—such as DemoStats,
CensusPlus, HouseholdSpend and DaytimePop—on a record-by-record basis. At the same time, EA customers will be
able to access DMTI’s location services to enhance their customer files. DMTI’s product roster includes Location Hub®, a
platform that provides users with current address information, and CanMap®, a suite of mapping data that offers detailed
mapping content for Canada. In addition, the collaboration will facilitate the development of new products and services to
better serve both companies’ customers.

As an example of the benefits of the agreement, businesses will be able to submit a customer or prospect file and receive
data such as age, income and spending preferences appended to each record, while also having each record cleaned
and accurately mapped. Information provided by the combined data products will help financial institutions, charitable
organizations, retailers and other businesses better understand their customers and patrons, more accurately estimate
product potential and wallet share, and identify consumer segments receptive to their products, services and appeals.
Insurance underwriters and mortgage brokers will be able to use the enhanced data to evaluate risks related to specific
locations and sites being considered for the future.

“We’re delighted to partner with Canada’s leading location intelligence company,” says Jan Kestle, founding president of
EA. “This agreement will mean that customers of both companies will be able to access comprehensive household and
address information in integrated ways.”

“Through this new partnership with Environics Analytics, DMTI Spatial is delighted to be able to integrate their
demographic intelligence into our location based capabilities through DMTI’s Location Ecosystem offering,” says Phil
Kaszuba, President of DMTI Spatial. “By combining two industry leaders, we are making it easier for our customer to get
access to relevant location-based insights that can directly increase the efficiency of their marketing programs. We know
from our experience with organizations like Union Gas and other companies, these location-based insights can lead to a
400% increase in the efficiency of their programs.”

Based in Markham, Ontario, DMTI has been providing industry-leading enterprise location intelligence solutions to Global
2000 companies and government agencies for nearly two decades. Through its partners and suppliers, DMTI enables its
customers to use location as a frame of reference to enhance customer, prospect, vendor and infrastructure information to
better assess risk and evaluate opportunity.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, EA has quickly grown to become the leading marketing services and data
analytics companies in Canada. The Toronto-based firm has developed a lengthy client list by providing strategic,
data-driven analytics based on proprietary data, custom modeling and purpose-built software.

About DMTI Spatial, Inc.

DMTI Spatial has been providing industry-leading enterprise Location Economics solutions for almost two decades to Global
2000 companies and government agencies. DMTI’s world-class Location Hub® platform enables real-time decisions by
uniquely identifying, validating, analyzing and maintaining a universe of location-based data. Through a strong partner
ecosystem, DMTI enables its customers to use location as a frame of reference to enrich customer, prospect, vendor and
infrastructure insight with a wide variety of attributes to better identify risk and opportunity.

About Environics Analytics

Environics Analytics is the premier marketing services and data analytics company in Canada. Specializing in
segmentation, site modeling and custom analytics, the Toronto-based company provides data-driven market insights to
help its clients grow their business. Its team of veteran modelers and geographic experts are industry leaders in sales
forecasting, developing demographic and spending projections, and site location modeling. And it’s a member of the
Environics group of companies that offer research, communications and digital services. To learn more about Environics
Analytics, please visit our website at www.environicsanalytics.ca.