Mass Insurance Launches New Car Insurance Quotation Tool for Ontario

User-friendly quotation device will make shopping for car insurance easier

Markham, ON (Nov. 4, 2013) – Mass Insurance announces the official launch of their new online car insurance quotation tool for Ontario drivers.

Mass Insurance recognizes the shopping habits of motorists are changing and to capitalize on this, the brokerage decided to partner with Kanetix SaaS to build a user-friendly online quotation solution. The new quotation tool will address the growing need for brokerages to offer online quoting to their clients since many drivers are using the Internet first to do their primary research and insurance shopping.

“At Mass Insurance we are always looking for ways to innovate and make obtaining car insurance easier for our customers at our brokerage. By partnering with Kanetix SaaS, our clients are able to leverage Kanetix’s existing quotation technology and expertise to give Ontario drivers what they want for a straightforward insurance experience,” says Malek Smith, director of sales and marketing, Mass Insurance.

The new quotation solution will give car insurance shoppers a seamless quotation experience displaying its ability to be user-friendly as well as providing accurate prices to consumers.

“Kanetix SaaS is happy to be a part of this initiative with Mass Insurance. As more consumers go online to obtain auto insurance quotes, brokers are increasingly looking to find ways to meet this consumer demand. Providing Mass Insurance with these capabilities is one way Kanetix SaaS is sharing their expertise by helping brokers adapt to a changing market for online insurance shopping,” says Craig Hopkinson, vice president of Kanetix SaaS.

Currently customers will only be able to obtain auto insurance quotes online at Mass Insurance however if there is a growing demand by consumers, other product offerings may be considered in the near future.

Along with its new car insurance quotation solution, Mass Insurance is also launching a brand new user-friendly website.

About Mass Insurance

Mass Insurance Brokers Limited is a specialty brokerage firm that offers home and auto insurance services with up to 30% discounts on a variety of personal insurance needs.

Additional discounts apply to members of groups and associations and employees of corporations. Mass Insurance is pleased to provide consumers with access to coverage and expert advice right away, at very competitive group rates.

Mass Insurance’s top priority is to ensure that consumers are getting the best value for their hard-earned insurance dollar. Mass Insurance is able to cover ALL personal insurance requirements including home, auto, cottage, boat and personal watercraft.

About Kanetix

Launched in October 1999, Kanetix was Canada’s first online insurance marketplace and today provides over a million quotes per year to consumers looking for insurance, as well as comparisons for mortgage rates and credit cards.

The Kanetix comparison service is a one-stop shopping environment for consumers. Each day, thousands visit the Kanetix website at to comparison shop their various financial needs. Shoppers choose what they want to compare, obtain a quotation and complete an online application or, with the help of Kanetix connect with the provider to purchase or apply for the product over the phone.

Through its Software as a Service team, Kanetix is also the leading provider of online insurance quotation technology, developing online quotation systems, mobile solutions, actuarial tools and websites for many of Canada’s largest insurance brands.

SOURCE: Kanetix