Building a Strategic Analytic Culture

A Guide for the Insurance Industry — SAS whitepaper

Cary, N.C. (Nov. 4, 2013) – The insurance industry is increasing its use of analytics across more and more parts of the business. At the same time, analytics are being integrated into operational workflows as standard functions within a processing or decision-making process.

It is likely that the use of analytics and the data that feeds those tools will become even more integral to competitive positioning among insurers.

This white paper, by Kelly McGuire and Stuart Rose, goes beneath the tools, techniques and uses of analytics to look at the corporate environment and consider how one builds a culture to:

  • anticipate problems and take action to prevent them;
  • foster fact-based decision-making;
  • getting timely and actionable information to decision makers;
  • build a culture which understands and values analytics.

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