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Too Much Going On? We’ve Got the Rx For You

2012 Technology ConferenceOne of the phrases we hear most frequently these days when talking to managers and executive in insurance carrier and broker offices is, “We’ve got a lot going on.” It’s typically said with a sigh and a shake of the head, implying it might just be a little too much.

If you, too, feel that’s the case, then we’ve got a prescription for you:  Set aside March 17 and 18, 2014, and register for the 2014 Technology Conference (#ICTC2014). It will be good for what ails you.

What’s Too Much?

Let’s review the state of the P&C industry in Canada for a moment.  It looks like 2013 might be called the year of living damply, with water events in Alberta and Ontario simultaneously setting claims records and causing negative reaction from policy holders.

Meanwhile, a number of insurers are waist deep in multi-year legacy system modernization projects.  While we (IT and business) are getting better at scoping and executing, as we have noted in this space, the majority of large projects are over time and/or over budget; and a disappointingly low percentage return bushiness  benefits.

Moreover, we are being challenged to explore new technologies and strategies (think Big Data and Telematics/UBI) while we are supporting the old systems and bringing in the new environment.

Too much Going On?  Some days, it sometimes feels like we’re trying to chew gum and walk a tightrope above a raging fire pit in the midst of a hurricane.

 Re-energize, Refocus, Realign …

… is the title and objective of the 12th Annual Technology Conference.  We are putting together an agenda which will allow practitioners to refocus on priorities, realign their strategies based on business realities, and re-energize their staff to achieve peak performance.

The theme (and subtitle) of the conference is “In the Real Race, Winners Excel at Sprints and Marathons“.  IT and business have embraced agile methodologies to improve performance (using development sprints).  We will showcase and celebrate successes of this approach.  At the same time, we will bring forward additional constructs to maintain concentrated attention on longer term trends and directions, such as our well received Insurance 2023 initiative.

Content is Royalty at #ICTC2014

We have issued a call for papers and are delighted with the responses from the community.  At the same time, we are working with senior members of our community on keynote speakers and leadership panels.  You will start seeing details shortly.

We are also working with industry associations and suppliers to ensure a vibrant exhibit area for information gathering and networking.  Last, but not least,  #ICTC2014 will be the venue for the 2014 Technology Awards ceremony.

 Join Your Colleagues and Feel Better Fast…

…. for a concentrated two days on March 17-18, 2014 at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto.  Registration is now open and Early Bird rates are in effect.

We have reports that attendees start to feel relief from TMGO (too much going on) immediately after registering.