Young Drivers of Canada launches interactive online driving lessons

Toronto, ON (Oct. 21, 2013) – How to Drive Online™ site has launched for Canadian drivers to access affordable and life-saving driving lessons. In Canada, there are over 23 million licensed drivers(1) and approximately 40% of them have not taken any form of driver education. Canada’s largest driving school, Young Drivers of Canada®, created How to Drive Online. This web-based driver training program was designed to help drivers of all ages stay safe. It also provides parents, who are planning to coach their new driver, with the latest defensive driving techniques.

The How to Drive Online program offers two levels of training. The first covers the basics of driving and explains how to successfully control the vehicle. Skills such as parallel parking, right and left hand turns and braking techniques are covered. The driving lessons in Level One are especially helpful for parents who are coaching their new driver and looking to reduce the stress that comes with the job. The step by step, how-to setup shows new drivers and the co-driver what to look for to make their practice hours safer and more enjoyable. Level Two of How to Drive Online explains city driving techniques and the Collisionfree!™ Approach to driving, a proprietary approach, which boasts over one million students to date. The Collisionfree!™ Approach covers techniques such as safe left turns at large intersections using improved vehicle positioning, proper car control, how to control traffic as well as advanced techniques such as how to avoid a rear crash – the number one cause of injury in traffic collisions.

There are interactive components and innovative 6 camera videos of real traffic that any novice driver, someone looking to upgrade their driving skills or new driver coach can benefit from. How to Drive Online can be easily accessed at the user’s convenience, anywhere, anytime they have internet access. Both levels can be used in conjunction with a driving school or Young Drivers driving lessons to reinforce safe driving habits and correct defensive driving techniques.

Young Drivers President Peter Christianson says, “Accidents are both predictable and preventable. There is a large percentage of Canadians that have had no driver training at all and they share the road with you and I. This is why Young Drivers created this How to Drive Online learning solution. We need to bridge the knowledge gap for Canadian families who would otherwise decide to opt for no driver training and to reach out to drivers who need a refresher on how to drive defensively. Young Drivers is committed to reducing the number of road deaths and injuries on our roads.”

How to Drive Online™ is designed to help Canadian drivers learn proactive solutions for reducing collisions across the country. In Canada, the average insurance loss ratio is 64.9% which means nearly $65 dollars out of every $100 in insurance premiums go towards repairing damage.(2) The driving lessons in this new online program show drivers how to avoid crashes which will in turn help keep their insurance premiums lower in the future.

The first level of How to Drive Online is $29.99, the second level is $29.99 or both can be purchased at a packaged price of $49.99.

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About Young Drivers of Canada

Young Drivers of Canada® is Canada’s largest driver training organization. Established in 1970, Young Drivers has grown to over 140 classroom locations nationally and has taught over one million novice drivers to prepare for the road ahead.


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SOURCE: Young Drivers of Canada