CAA South Central Ontario reteams with Trees Ontario to reforest Toronto Zoo

Toronto, ON (Sept. 30, 2013) – Trees Ontario and CAA South Central Ontario recently teamed up for the second year to help ‘green’ the Toronto Zoo.

Held Sept. 28, the CAA SCO employee-exclusive event brought together more than 60 participants, mostly CAA SCO associates and their families, to take part in a half-day tree planting activity.

In total, the local reforestation project resulted in the planting of 285 trees, and helped spread awareness about the benefits of tree planting and green urban spaces.

“Part of CAA SCO’s commitment to making a more positive impact on the environment comes from our members and employees,” said Teresa Di Felice, Director Community & Government Relations & Driver Training. “We are proud to partner with Trees Ontario and this partnership has paved the way to create a green legacy for future generations. Through our 2013 community tree planting efforts, CAA SCO in partnership with Trees Ontario planted over 1,200 trees in one day alone. We look forward to bringing more green into our communities through this evolving partnership.”

In 2012, approximately 60 people participated in a similar CAA SCO sponsored-event at the Toronto Zoo. CAA SCO has been a long-time supporter of Trees Ontario. Earlier this year in May, the two organizations partnered to host three public community planting events in Kingston, Midhurst and Windsor. In total, more than 300 participants were involved and nearly 2,000 trees planted.

“It was a pleasure to plant with both of these partners once again, and I’m very pleased with the overwhelming turnout,” said Rob Keen, CEO, Trees Ontario. “These new trees will help contribute to a healthy zoo environment and healthy surrounding community by cleansing the air of pollutants, providing shade for Zoo visitors and the animals, and helping mitigate the effects of climate change.”

Trees Ontario recognizes that everyone plays a role in ensuring a healthy, natural environment for the future. The organization’s history of success is due to various contributions, including that of its partners and corporate sponsors. To learn more about hosting a corporate planting event and/or other ways your organization can get involved in tree planting initiatives, contact Trees Ontario.

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About CAA South Central Ontario

Trees Ontario, the largest not-for-profit tree planting partnership in North America, is leading efforts to strengthen Ontario’s tree planting infrastructure by enhancing the capacity of its tree planting partners through financial support and professional development expertise, delivering landowner incentives through cost offsetting and educating the public through awareness campaigns and community workshops. Trees Ontario is the lead delivery agent for the government of Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program. The program significantly cuts landowners’ costs of large-scale tree planting and boosts the number of trees planted across the province. Visit