CSIO launches certification program for insurers and vendors

Toronto, ON (Sept. 23, 2013) – The Centre for Study of Insurance Operations is pleased to announce the launch of its standards certification program for member companies and vendors. The first business activity available for certification is eDocs, with plans to expand the program to cover all other business activities.

CSIO data exchange standards are company neutral and help solve data compatibility issues, facilitate more efficient and seamless integration of information and improve implementation of technology solutions. These benefits, in turn, enable companies to more effectively and economically solve their business challenges. However, it is only through the consistent implementation of CSIO standards that organizations can optimize the real business value of the standards.

“The CSIO Certification program meets an important industry need for recognizing consistency in standards implementation”, says Catherine Smola, President & CEO of CSIO. “I am confident that our members will recognize the importance of obtaining CSIO Certification, as it shows their commitment to embracing and employing industry standards to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the broker distribution channel in Canada.”

Visit www.csio.com/csio-certification to learn more about the CSIO Certification program.

About Centre for Study of Insurance Operations

CSIO is Canada’s national standards association of property and casualty insurers, brokers and software providers. For over thirty years, CSIO has been committed to improving the efficiency and competitive position of the broker distribution channel by overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of industry standards in the areas of XML, EDI and forms. In addition, CSIO continues to maintain and operate the industry-owned EDI mail network service, CSIOnet. CSIO maintains offices in Toronto and Montreal. For more information, visit www.csio.com.

Source: CSIO