SGI Canada Insurance Services Limited partners with Kanetix SaaS to launch online quoting solution in Alberta

New quoting solution gives independent contractors and small businesses in the energy sector the ability to obtain online insurance quotes

Toronto, ON (Sept. 20, 2013) – SGI Canada Insurance Services Limited and Kanetix SaaS (Software as a Service) have launched two new eQuote products in Alberta, giving independent contractors and small oilfield operations the ability to obtain affordable, tailored coverage.

The new products launched in Alberta include Toolbox Pak, for independent contractors working in a variety of fields, and Energy Pak, for small business operations in the oil and gas sector. Consumers may obtain quotes through select broker sites and on the SGI Canada website.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our brokers to build new relationships with consumers who prefer to shop online for their commercial insurance needs,” says Andrew Cartmell, president and CEO of SGI Canada.

These eQuote products provide a seamless experience on desktops, tablets, and smartphones by leveraging a user-friendly responsive design approach, allowing quotes to be completed within minutes.

“Brokers need to be where consumers are shopping – online,” said Craig Hopkinson, vice president of Kanetix SaaS. “Kanetix SaaS is happy to provide the technology and expertise needed for SGI Canada and their brokers to meet the increasing needs of their consumers through the launch of these two eQuote products.”

The introduction of eQuote across Alberta solidifies Kanetix’s position as the leading provider of best in class insurance quoting technologies.

About SGI Canada

SGI Canada has been in business for more than 60 years, selling property and casualty insurance in seven Canadian provinces. It operates as SGI Canada in Saskatchewan; SGI Canada Insurance Services Limited in Alberta and Manitoba; Coachman Insurance Company in Ontario; and the Insurance Company of Prince Edward Island (ICPEI) in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Visit SGI Canada at Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is the province’s self-sustaining auto insurance fund.

About Kanetix

Kanetix SaaS partners with many of Canada’s largest insurance brands to build and continually enhance their online insurance quoting platforms. We are industry experts in helping partners to acquire and convert shoppers to consumers online. Using our responsive design approach, our solutions reside where our partner’s consumers are – desktops, tablets, mini tablets and smartphones. Our reporting and web analytic skills allow partners to optimize Quoter throughput while measuring and adjusting digital marketing expenditures. Kanetix SaaS develops innovative, partner-branded online solutions.

Launched in October 1999, Kanetix was Canada’s first online insurance marketplace and today provides over a million quotes per year to consumers looking for insurance, as well as comparisons for mortgage rates and credit cards. The Kanetix comparison service is a one-stop shopping environment for consumers. Each day, thousands visit the Kanetix website at to comparison shop their various financial needs. Shoppers choose what they want to compare, obtain a quotation and complete an online application or, with the help of Kanetix connect with the provider to purchase or apply for the product over the phone.

SOURCE: Kanetix