WealthServ Releases First Client-Driven Product Enhancements under its new ‘EverGreen’ Protocol

Burlington, ON (Aug. 29, 2013) – In response to requests for more transparency around WealthServ product enhancements, WealthServ today released its first product enhancements chosen through its new client-driven “EverGreen” protocol, the first such “bottom-up” product enhancement sequencing methodology ever used in the industry.

“We are confident that by democratizing the sequencing of our product enhancement development process and giving clients a transparent roadmap of what’s coming next, we can best serve clients’ self-identified needs,” said Simon Tomlinson, CEO of BlueSun. “Additionally, we will be able to provide more timely documentation and training, as needed, for new features.”

EverGreen will bring no additional cost whatsoever to customers.

WealthServ enhancement releases will be issued three times a year: in April, August and December. A few weeks prior to the release date, clients will receive a list of identified enhancements (as submitted by clients themselves) for ranking. The ranked enhancement items will be developed and released for the second subsequent release. For example, in March 2014 WealthServ will solicit client priorities for release next August.

Each prospective product enhancement will be assigned a percent rating reflecting the difficulty of effort required to develop it, and clients are able to select as many updates as they would like, provided that the aggregate percent value of their selections does not exceed 100.

Once WealthServ gathers all client responses, they are totaled and ranked. Overall sequencing is done by factoring in both the combined client preferences as well as strategic product developments that WealthServ deems essential because of legislation, regulatory modifications, market changes or new opportunities, and clients will be informed of the specific enhancements scheduled for release.

“I think this is a fabulous process,” said Melissa Han, Service Relationship Manager at Transamerica Life Canada. “It’s an amazing feeling to know that BlueSun takes the feedback into consideration to implement improvements and to make WealthServ more user-friendly.”

About WealthServ

WealthServ, a BlueSun product, is a leading business solution for insurance and investment agencies in North America. WealthServ provides integrated back and CRM technology across life insurance and investment products for MGAs and MFDs. WealthServ is the most connected back-office system with automated data links to Canadian carriers for pending and in-force life insurance feeds, FundServ (for mutual funds) and the major Paramedical companies (for exam status and results). The WealthServ Unified Wealth Management platform delivers everything required for serious wealth management distributors to process all lines of business with one system. Visit www.wealthserv.com/ca/ for more information.