iter8: Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance completes communic8 deployment

Apr. 26, 2013 – iter8, a leading software solutions provider to the insurance industry, is pleased to announce that Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance (SMI) has gone live with communic8™ to provide independent brokers with full CSIO download services for personal lines auto and habitational services. SMI relies exclusively on an independent broker channel to offer personal and farm property, auto, and commercial property and liability lines of business.

The project involved integration with the SMI Policy Administration System, IBS, and several broker management systems (BMS) including Applied Systems TAM, Keal Technology sigXP, Zycomp Systems PowerBroker, CSSI TBW and CIM-Data.

Keri Heuchert, Vice President Technology at SMI commented, “This project is a success for us. It provides a strong benefit for our brokers, as we were able to develop a solution that met exactly what they were looking for. It represented more work than projected and our internal IT team worked diligently to ensure it was successful. communic8™ the download solution provided by iter8 is a proven solution with pre-built templates integrated to broker management systems. This ensured we obtained certification from all the BMS solutions in a timely manner. It is no wonder they are the market leader in this critical area. iter8 met all our objectives, and overall I am pleased”.

SMI has already begun looking at the next investment to ensure its brokers have access to modern technology. iter8 is excited about options to expand partnership efforts with SMI.

The President of iter8, Glen Piller, commented, “iter8 has partnered with mutual insurers for many years, supplying them with insurance software solutions. Working with SMI extends this partnership and we are delighted to have the opportunity to help them in connectivity and integration with their distribution channel partners.”

About iter8

iter8 Inc., a subsidiary of Quindell Portfolio PLC., is a software solutions provider to the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry. iter8 products are designed to increase profitability by solving problems through smart innovation and proven expertise in both the insurance business and in technology, implementation, and service.

iter8 is the market leader in EDI download solutions connecting insurers and their brokers. iter8 has a track record of successfully streamlining insurance processes, improving time-to-market, and saving companies’ money and has helped countless insurers in successfully integrating brokers, developing web services, and enhancing underwriting. When it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, and iter8 strives to always do it right. Visit

About Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance (SMI)

SMI is a federally licensed insurer operating successfully in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with annual written premiums of over $50,000,000. SMI serves its policyholders through the independent brokerage system. Our Head Office is located in Saskatoon with service offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Winnipeg. SMI has witnessed dramatic changes for more than 100 years, but the one thing that has remained the same is its commitment to policyholders. Visit

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