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How Far Will Insurance Telematics Go?

In spite of some recent setbacks in user uptake, most analysts agree that at least for the mid-term, telematics will have a significant impact on automobile insurance in North America. On this basis, from a strategic planning perspective, decision-makers need to know (1) how deep telematics will penetrate into various parts of the organization and (2) what the long term implications for insurance are with the use of telematics.  Two upcoming events will provide perspective on these issues.

How deep does can Telematics go in the organization…

At the upcoming  Insurance Telematics USA 2013 conference, Patrick Vice, Partner, will be moderating a panel, The Next Step: Utilizing Data throughout the Insurance Enterprise in the afternoon of  Sept 4.  The panelists bring deep experience and expertise from real world implementations.  They are:

  • Frank Palmer, Vice President Underwriting, Plymouth Rock
  • Kimberley Gunther, Telematics Practice Leader, Cognizant
  • Tim Bompiani, Business Value Consultant, IBM

This expert panel will address questions including:

  • What are the primary areas in an insurer that Telematics are impacting and what has been the experience in respects busienss case estimates?
  • What are the implications of initial decisions on strategies and tactics on later requirements?
  • How will the use of Telematics inform the use of analytics in other areas of the business?

And what happens ten years after …

Insurance 2023 is an initiative launched to allow a cross section of industry professionals to define trends that will influence the insurance community over the next decade.

On October 3, 2013, will be hosting Insurance 2023: An Overview, to present the results to date.  One of the sessions at this executive level event will examine Telematics in the context of automotive technology generally.

Catherine Kargas, VP MARCON, has examined this issue from a number of viewpoints (including how driverless cars could shape the insurance landscape) and will be presenting her perspectives at the forum. We expect a lively discussion among attendees.  Details and registration information can be found here.

What do you want to know and where can you go to get the information?

If you are close to making a decision on the use of Telematics in your organization or have made the decision and thinking about longer term implications, these events will provide you with  invaluable information.

If you can’t attend, then we have a suggestion:  Post your questions below and stay tuned to this space.  We’ll be blogging on both events and will provide what answers we can.

We’ll drive this as far as it needs to go.



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Blair Currie


Thanks for the update. The fact that we haven’t been in touch for about 3 months is a direct result of the insurance telematics market in Canada ramping up. This past summer has been very busy fielding RFPs, RFIs and getting started on a number of programs north of the border.

That said, I look forward to see you in Chicago and to your panel.

Best wishes,


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