Blackhawk Network (Canada) Ltd. Announces Distribution Of New Prepaid Travel Insurance Products

SmartAssure™ to Launch $5 Million Dollar Insurance Coverage Products in Prepaid Card Form for Travelers

Toronto, ON (Aug. 25, 2013) – Blackhawk Network (Canada) Ltd., a leading provider of prepaid and financial payment products for consumers and businesses, today announced the launch of a new travel insurance product called SmartAssure™ travelers insurance, soon to be sold at Canada Safeway grocery locations. SmartAssure will offer Canadian consumers affordable travel insurance coverage to suit a variety of travel needs, such as providing emergency medical travel coverage while traveling abroad.

The SmartAssure cards are issued by Jones Deslauriers Blevins Insurance Group Inc., one of Canada’s largest insurance brokerages, which works closely with RMI International, a leader in global retail insurance.

“Retail is an important and convenient point of distribution for insurance products and services in Canada,” said Bob Jones, CEO of Jones Deslauriers Blevins Insurance Group Inc.

“Canadians need to have affordable, convenient access to everyday insurance products from trusted providers and this was very important when we worked with Jones Deslauriers to offer this product,” said Steve Dekker, Blackhawk Network Canada Group Vice-President. “Many Canadians do not have access to a credit card and are therefore excluded from purchasing travel and other forms of everyday insurance online. We believe that SmartAssure travel insurance products address an unmet need in the market by giving Canadians access to competitively priced products available for purchase using cash, debit and credit at their local retailer.”

Cardholders can purchase four, eight or fifteen days of single coverage for anyone 54 years of age and under, for CAN$13, CAN$24 and CAN$49, respectively. Families can purchase coverage for four, eight or fifteen days for CAN$28, CAN$45 and CAN$89, respectively. A single person that is 55 years and older can purchase eight days of coverage for CAN$75.

SmartAssure was developed to offer the best-in-industry coverage, where, subject to certain exclusions, an individual may be covered up to $5 million in emergency medical expenses. SmartAssure works in many countries worldwide while maintaining best-in-class premiums.

Customers interested in the new product and gearing up for a trip can purchase SmartAssure at a Safeway Canada store. Once purchased, customers are directed to visit or to call a customer service telephone number to register their insurance and trip itinerary, and – where representatives are available – to walk each customer through the seamless process.

SmartAssure expects that this product will be made available at additional locations that are Blackhawk Canada distribution partners in 2014.

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SmartAssure™ is a trademark of Jones DesLauriers Blevins Insurance Group Inc., and is used under license.

Source: Blackhawk Network (Canada) Ltd.