Humania Assurance launches Insurance Without Medical Exam

Saint-Hyacinthe, QC (Jul. 10, 2013) – Humania Assurance is pleased to announce the official launch of its new no medical exam insurance product, Humania Assurance – Insurance Without Medical Exam.

Available only over the Internet and through a licensed broker (Financial Security Advisor), Humania Assurance – Insurance Without Medical Exam is for people who, for medical or other reasons, have had difficulty in obtaining critical illness, disability or life insurance. The three plans have been designed to meet basic personal insurance needs.

Humania Assurance – Insurance Without Medical Exam offers three separate policies, a 10 or 20-year term and a premium refund option (75% after 20 years). The amounts of coverage available are up to $300,000 in case of death; up to $2,500 a month to cover loss of earnings; and up to $100,000 upon a diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke or coronary bypass surgery.

“The ease and immediacy of an automatic transaction are being applied for the first time in the personal insurance brokerage industry in Canada!” explains Stéphane Rochon, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing at Humania Assurance. Clicking on one of the three insurance plans is all it takes to get full details about their content. Access, selection and payment are made easy. No additional action is needed apart from purchasing online. The terms and conditions of coverage are clearly presented and explained: the offer is fully transparent, with no surprises. A few minutes are all that is needed to purchase a critical illness, disability and life insurance policy. Clients are covered right away.

Modern, intuitive and fluid, the website is divided into two areas: one for the general public and the other dedicated to brokers for the transaction process. “With its distinctive visual and graphic identity, was designed from the outset as a totally separate offering, complementing our existing line of products and based on the same core values: expertise, innovation, commitment and satisfaction” says Stéphane Rochon.

“Humania Assurance – Insurance Without Medical Exam is for clients who use the Internet as an everyday medium and are accustomed to purchasing online, particularly when dealing with banks and insurance companies. The product aligns with our Internet strategy, whose objective is to better serve our brokerage network and our clients by staying in tune with their evolving lifestyles,” adds Stéphane Rochon.

In the coming years, Humania Assurance – a company firmly rooted in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec – plans to increase its presence outside Quebec, broaden its distribution network, forge partnerships in its areas of specialization and expand its individual, group and travel insurance business.

About Humania Assurance Inc.

Humania Assurance Inc. is one of the oldest and soundest insurance companies in Canada. It provides insurance coverage to more than 200,000 individuals and is committed to providing outstanding service to meet the needs of its current and future clients.

Source: Humania Assurance Inc.