IMS unveils new Connected Car technology with DriveSync Solution

New technology platform enables OEMs, dealers and insurers to build strong relationships with drivers

Waterloo, ON (Jun. 8, 2013) – Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, a leading Connected Car™ company, today unveiled its next-generation IMS DriveSync® solution at Telematics Detroit 2013.

The new IMS DriveSync solution is a fully converged Connected Car platform that combines the best of Telematics and Infotainment, with the fun of social networking – turning any vehicle into a connected car. IMS DriveSync uniquely puts drivers at the center of the experience, connecting them to the entire driving ecosystem – including OEMs, dealers, insurers, service providers and fellow drivers. It delivers the ultimate Connected Car experience by enabling strong relationships through services that help save time, money and lives.

On the Infotainment side, IMS DriveSync works through a smartphone or other mobile device. Using a voice-powered “tap and talk” interface, drivers can safely send and receive texts and emails, access Internet radio, and update Facebook and Twitter. On the Telematics side, a self-install device plugs into a vehicle’s On-board Diagnostics (OBD-2) port to monitor vehicle health and support preventative maintenance. This device links drivers to OEMs, dealers and insurers – all of whom can communicate with the driver using custom notifications. Drivers also get access to an exciting, new social community where they can chat, meet-up, and upgrade to premium services, such as usage-based insurance and young drivers programs.

“IMS DriveSync brings Connected Car technology to any vehicle, enabling drivers to be smarter, safer and greener”, said Dr. Otman Basir, CEO of IMS. “In addition, OEMs, dealers and insurers can adopt this platform to build strong, loyal relationships with drivers of new and used vehicles.”

IMS DriveSync technology is available immediately to OEMs. The solution will be available to consumers and dealers during Summer 2013. For more information, visit

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems DriveSync

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