Policy Works announces the winner of the fourth annual Policy Works Ninja Award

Calgary, AB (Jun. 7, 2013) – Policy Works is pleased to announce that Janice Castell of Orr Insurance Brokers Inc. in Stratford, ON is the winner of the Fourth Annual Policy Works Ninja Award.

“I’m very excited and honoured to be voted the Policy Works Ninja for 2013,” Janice said. “Using all the features of Policy Works makes life so much easier for me, our producers and our underwriters. I suspect that’s why they all voted for me. Thank you everyone for your support.”

The Policy Works Ninja Campaign is an opportunity for Policy Works users to recognize a co-worker who they feel is an above-average user. To become a Ninja, one must possess above average skills using Policy Works and be nominated by a fellow Policy Works user. Policy Works users across Canada vote for their favourite finalist and the one with the most votes becomes the winner of the Ninja Award.

On May 17, Steve Pieroway, Policy Works VP of Marketing and Client Services shaved his head in support of Shave for the Brave. For each vote received, Policy Works donated $1 towards “Shave for the Brave,” a Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC) program that helps young adults in Canada deal with cancer through supportive and informative programs. The foundation will receive a total donation of $525.

About Policy Works

Policy Works Inc. is the leading provider of commercial management solutions for the independent broker network in Canada. Our mission – to link brokers and insurers, leveraging the strengths of each, to better serve insureds – is the foundation of everything we do. For more information, visit www.policyworks.com.

SOURCE: Policy Works