GMC Software’s New Customer Service Correspondence Helps Insurers Resolve Cases Faster

New interactive solution based on GMC Inspire for customer service center correspondence allows insurers to resolve cases 64% quicker – available now

Jun. 3, 2013 – GMC Software Technology, the award-winning leader in Customer Communications Management and output management, today announced the general availability of its latest interactive solution for customer service center correspondence. Customer Service Correspondence is a groundbreaking new application that provides the insurance industry with a common infrastructure for managing and instantly editing all types of customer service correspondence.

Based on GMC Inspire, the solution is designed as a fully automated single platform correspondence solution. Customer Service Correspondence makes it possible for insurance customer service representatives, agents and front line call center staff to maintain consistent branding, respond quickly to customer issues and ensure compliance.

Customer Service Correspondence is ideal for insurance enterprises that want to provide customer-facing employees with the flexibility and autonomy they need to quickly view which situations need immediate action. They can then generate on the fly, personalized, point-of-need communications and deliver them through customers� preferred channels, while ensuring accuracy and costs are controlled. Companies benefit by eliminating manual processes and multi-step solutions. The result is employees that are more productive, significantly reduced costs, less strain on IT resources and happier customers due to the ability to resolve case correspondence 64 percent more quickly than standard processes.

�Most insurers today are under pressure to improve the customer experience. Having the right customer communication management tools to support customers, from quotations to renewals to claims and policies, is not a luxury, it�s essential in today�s competitive market,� said Henri Dura, CEO, GMC Software Technology. �We are very pleased that leading insurers across the world have learned to rely on GMC to help them deliver controlled, compliant multichannel communications that ensure every touchpoint results in a positive return. Customer Service Correspondence answers the need to deliver timely, relevant communications to customers, when they want it and how they want it to drive business growth.�

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