Information Builders launches Cloud Hosting Services

New York, NY (May 30, 2013) – Information Builders, a leader in business intelligence and analytics, information integrity, and integration solutions, today announced the launch of Information Builders’ Cloud Hosting Services. The global platform-as-a-service includes more than 10 data centers spanning every geographic region, enabling customers worldwide to combine the benefits of the company’s customizable, scalable solutions with the flexibility afforded by cloud delivery models.

Enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to respond faster to market changes, reduce complexities, and eliminate unnecessary costs. Information Builders’ Cloud Hosting Services tap into this demand, enabling organizations to deploy the company’s innovative information management platform in either a shared virtual environment or through dedicated private resources. It allows companies to draw on Information Builders’ comprehensive suite of data integrity and BI solutions without investing significant time or monetary resources. As a result, enterprises can quickly implement the company’s Cloud Hosting Services and integrate the platform into existing infrastructure, regardless of whether it’s on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid environment.

Once implemented, Information Builders’ Cloud Hosting Services give organizations the ability to cost-effectively transform enterprise data into actionable insights. The company’s iWay integration tools enable enterprises to manage both structured and unstructured information, and ensure real-time integration of data from numerous sources and formats. Its WebFOCUS BI platform allows users to customize reports, charts, and dashboards for individual need and access this information from any operating system or mobile device.

Under the cloud model, users can build their own BI content – and the entire environment is securely hosted without incurring any additional expense or processes. In addition to these and other features of Information Builders’ information management platform, its Cloud Hosting Services also provide customers with the company’s market-leading scalability. This enables organizations to extend capabilities to an unlimited number of users without adding any additional IT resources. Other key features of Information Builders Cloud Hosting Services include:

  • Increased ramp up and time to value;
  • Disaster recovery procedures to protect critical data;
  • Annual certifications for HIPAA, PCI, SAS 70, and other compliance standards.

“Flexibility is the chief consideration for all organizations when it comes to cloud solutions,” said Gerald Cohen, president and CEO of Information Builders. “Information Builders Cloud Hosting Services meet this requirement by enabling our customers to choose the cloud delivery model that best fits their unique needs. In addition, our scalable infrastructure ensures companies can cost-effectively extend cloud-based information management capabilities to an unlimited number of users. As more enterprises discover the value of deploying data analysis to numerous internal and external user groups, we believe this will be a particularly important element of our platform-as-a-service.”

For further information, visit Business Intelligence in the Cloud.

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