Drive Safe and Sober, urges Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario

With the end of school year nearing, brokers partner with OSAID to raise awareness of the dangers of impaired driving

Toronto, ON (May 27, 2013) – Today, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario is urging students to practice safe and sober driving. With the summer season nearing, students will be celebrating their end of school year with BBQs, parties and proms and IBAO would like to remind them of the simple measures they can take to avoid unnecessary tragedy.

Statistics Canada recently released results of a 2011 report which found that police reported over 90,000 impaired driving incidents in Canada in 2011, about 3,000 more than in 2010. While the rate of serious incidents caused by impaired driving decreased, the rate of impaired driving incidents increased.

“Statistics Canada found that young people were found most prone to drive impaired,” said IBAO CEO Randy Carroll. “This is why we are committed to our relationship with OSAID year after year to inform students on the grave dangers associated with impaired driving.”

A partnership lasting more than a decade, IBAO has been working with OSAID by informing Ontario drivers about the dangers of driving while under the influence. Impaired driving represented the highest proportion of adult offences being tried (12%) with 84% of impaired driving cases were resolved with a guilty finding.

“We want students to celebrate their accomplishments at the end of the school year, but we want them to celebrate responsibly,” added Carroll. “By following some simple alternative options, we can ensure our Ontario students remain safe this summer season.”

The following measures can be taken to avoid getting into a vehicle where the driver may be impaired:

  • Arrange for a designated driver;
  • Take public transit;
  • Arrange for a car or limo service;
  • Call a cab.

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SOURCE: Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario