Canadians want utility and fun in their smartphone apps

Weather, Facebook, gaming top app use in Canada

May 3, 2013 – Weather apps take the cake when it comes to what smartphone users in Canada need to run their day, according to December 2012 market research from brand strategy firm BrandSpark International.

Nearly three-quarters of smartphone app users in the country reported using weather apps regularly, followed closely by Facebook and gaming apps, tied at 64% of respondents each.

Select types of mobile apps used regularly by smartphone app users in Canada (Dec 2012)

Maps were also not far behind, with six in 10 reporting regular use. This suggests that smartphone owners in Canada are grabbing hold of the most convenient and functional aspects of smartphones as well as key use cases like entertainment and communication.

Still, despite mobile social media clearly catching on in the country, smartphone users in Canada don’t seem eager to use this functionality to check in at businesses using geolocation services. Nearly half of mobile social media users in the country told digital marketing services company Mediative in March that they had never done so. Another 4.9% didn’t even know what the activity was.

Frequency with which mobile social media users in Canada check in at businesses (March 2013)

While Canadians may be going social on their phones, along with turning to them for useful weather and location info, that doesn’t mean they’re willing to go social and local – especially not on brands’ account.

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