The Guarantee Company of North America gears up for The Guarantee Transportation Solution

Toronto, ON (Apr. 30, 2013) – Specialist transportation brokers and customers are looking for a fresh alternative in this niche marketplace. They recognize that we are experiencing a soft pricing environment due to the quest for topline growth, but trucking companies are asking brokers to find insurance companies that can bring more than just price to the table.

The Guarantee Company of North America is making the commitment to be that company.

“Over the last six months, The Guarantee has made a significant investment in creating a sustainable infrastructure to support a dedicated focus on the transportation segment,” states Angelique Magi, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at The Guarantee. The Guarantee Transportation Solution, or GTS for short, is a blend of insurance products and integrated customer solutions being designed to meet the changing needs of the long-haul transportation carriers of tomorrow.

Continues Magi, “There is a clear message, especially with this highly educated consumer group, that a change is needed. There is a tangible value in having a true specialist insurer that understands what a transportation carrier wants to achieve through their business model, and a market that can provide them with innovative tools and comprehensive support to navigate through fast-paced changes such as telematics integration and cross border politics. We’ve put together a diverse and knowledgeable team that will evolve for the customer as their critical business needs change. Earning the business with proven expertise and insight on the challenges professional trucking and logistics companies face will be our mandate.”

GTS will be the alternative that specialist transportation brokers and customers are searching for. “We will be working with an exclusive group of brokers throughout Canada to ensure we have a concentrated distribution force and controlled profitable growth for our new initiative,” adds Magi. The intended launch date is September 2013.

About The Guarantee

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SOURCE: The Guarantee Company of North America