Tangiers Group launches conflict zone medical insurance

Tangiers forms new international private medical insurance underwriter

Sliema, Malta (Apr. 24, 2013) – Tangiers Group announce the formation of a product development and insurance underwriting subsidiary called Tangiers Global. The company’s goal is to provide creative insurance solutions for workers, travellers, and volunteers living in or visiting dangerous places.

With the support of Lloyd’s of London, Tangiers Global have launched battleface™, an individual travel medical insurance plan, and International Employee Defence™ (IED), a comprehensive group healthcare plan.

“We’ve been managing difficult medical cases for some of the largest international insurance companies since 2006,” said Tangiers Group CEO Christopher Catrambone. “It made sense for us to include product development and insurance underwriting as an extension of the great work our claims department is doing. We’re excited about the team we’ve assembled to carry out this mission.”

The Tangiers Group have three core competencies.

  • Services: medical claims management, emergency evacuations & care, medical referrals, claim investigations and labour market surveys are all managed by Tangiers International.
  • Insurances: product development, underwriting and policy administration are handled by Tangiers Global, with Betsy Brougher as Managing Director of the new insurance division.
  • Intelligence: in collaboration with world-renowned conflict zone journalist Robert Young Pelton, the Organisation for Better Security (OBS) are tasked with keeping members informed of international and regional risks by gathering, analysing and disseminating actionable intelligence.

“I don’t know a company with the combination of skills and reputation that Tangiers Group has,” commented Brougher. “Since joining the group in early 2013, I’ve been amazed by how Tangiers International is delivering healthcare in really challenging places. By having Tangiers’ employees living and working beside their clients in these environments, when they need healthcare, they don’t have to wait.”

About Tangiers Group

Tangiers Group are honored to offer high quality, international medical insurance from Lloyd’s of London and hands-on healthcare services to people in high-risk environments. Visit www.tangiersgroup.com for product & service details, underwriting guidelines, and reseller commission information.

Source: Tangiers Group